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I'm a software developer and educator with a passion for inclusivity and diversifying the tech workforce. I work in JavaScript/NodeJS, React, Ruby, Rails, AWS. Currently πŸ’œing all things JAMStack!

I blog and speak about tech, my journey into it, and tech education.

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I have always been passionate about education - before tech I worked in school/college libraries, and taught English. Now I love having the opportunity to show people how awesome coding is, especially people who belong to underrepresented groups in the tech industry.

At TechReturners, I coach on a part-time course for adults returning to work, or tech, after a career break. We teach full-stack JavaScript with a cloud-first approach, enabling students to get back into work with an in-demand, modern skillset.

Besides teaching, I'm a full-stack software engineer, working on a range of client and personal projects. I'm specifically interested in AWS, React and the JAMStack.

Giving a lecture a cohort of returners

I spent several years at Northcoders (the UK's top bootcamp for graduate outcomes πŸ€“) where I taught full-stack JavaScript to complete beginners through to job-ready level. I developed and delivered the part-time curriculum which ran for 9 months, and also ran numerous taster sessions, introductory courses and study groups.

Me and the Northcoders team

I have run several Lightning Talks events, and often look for opportunities to give lightning talks myself. Talks I've given include What's in the .git directory? and Introduction to the JAMStack. I have also organised events such as a Teaching Tech Knowledge Exchange for National Coding Week.

Speaking with Amul from Northcoders

I organise and mentor at Codebar Manchester, a non-profit group designed to help underrepresented people learn to code in a friendly and supportive environment. I have also lead courses in Ruby, HTML and CSS with CodeFirst:Girls Manchester since 2018.

Giving a talk at Codebar

I have given an Introduction to JavaScript workshops at various events, including the CodeFirst:Girls 2018 Northern Conference and CodeUp. Thank you for having me! More like this please πŸ™

I mentor at Rails Girls and once gave a lightning talk on The Weird World of Programming Languages. (I also used to have pretty cool hair)

Giving a lightning talk

I am always interested in opportunities to give short talks or presentations, especially regarding my journey into tech, learning/training options and opportunities, and/or technical workshops (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Git etc). Drop me an email πŸ“§

Giving an Intro to JavaScript workshop