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Looking back at the last few months

I've been quiet...

Looking back at April

Mostly being ill, also some book-related fun!

Achieving a 100% Performance Audit on Conju-Gator

Spoiler: I actually only reached 98% and that's okay with me

The Power of Full Engagement

I read an interesting book and want to talk about it

Looking back at March

Teaching, reading, a whole lot of eating, and... a new job!

Running Ubuntu with VirtualBox, or, the most labour intensive screenshot in the world

In which I decide to take a screeshot of the Ubuntu terminal application, which involves getting to grips with VirtualBox and running Ubuntu as a guest operating system on my Mac

Looking back at February

My regular end-of-month blog post, this time featuring CodeFirst:Girls, a new side project, and lots of good books

How does RSpec work? Part 2: Constants and Exceptions

In my quest to understand the mysterious workings of RSpec, I begin reimplementing it from scratch, documenting my learnings along the way. Join me in part 2 for more magic!

How does RSpec work? Part 1: Blocks and Contexts

When I'm learning a new language, or trying to learn it more deeply, I love reimplementing common libraries. In this post, I take a look at RSpec, a library whose workings appear to make no sense, in an attempt to get to grips with Metaprogramming in Ruby!

Looking back at January

My regular monthly round-up, this month including snow, mentoring, a trip to london and AWS training.

Looking back at December

My regular recap of the past month, this time including marathon running, tech ladies, engagement parties and a deceased dog :(

What are my goals for next year?

In which I create yet another list, because my end-of-year list-heavy blog post didn't contain quite enough lists

2018 in 5 lists

In which I reflect on the year of 2018 with a series of lists, because the end of the year is the number 1 season for list making and I got thoroughly caught up in the frenzy.

Looking back at November

My monthly end-of-month round-up, this time featuring lots of running, a night at the ballet, bash shell scripting and an engagement (mine!!)

Running user-submitted code in a Docker sandbox

In which I explore how sites like CodeWars might work under the hood to execute a user's code remotely, and try pulling together the basics of running user code on a Docker container

Looking back at October

My monthly round-up, this month including running, reading, and reflecting on lots of goals from the past month

Looking back at September

My regular end-of-month review, this time featuring the Camino de Santiago, a trip back to Northcoders, and a month in our new house!

Walking the Camino de Santiago

In which Mauro and I walk a million kilometers, experience a range of leg-related injuries and see a large amount of Spanish countryside.

Looking back at August

My regular monthly blogpost, including a new house, lots of paint, visitors, running, and a get-together with other women in tech

Interviewing for a Software Engineer role

In which I talk about my experiences interviewing for a software engineering role.

Learning my second programming language

In which I sort-of try learning my second programming language and relearn the joy of being a beginner at something again

8 things I learned during Advent of Code 2016

In which I reflect on what I learned trying to complete Advent of Code for the first time.

Why knitting is a perfect complement to coding

In which I try to convince you that if you write code and don't knit, you're making a huge mistake and could be living a far woolier, happier life.

Preparing for Northcoders

In which, having been offered a place on a coding bootcamp, I attempt to prep as much as possible and brush up on everything I've been studying so far

Joining Northcoders - The Interview Process

In which I attempt to gain a place on a coding bootcamp, succeed, and write about the process